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Luxuriously-scented soy wax candles, home + body products. Hand-poured in our studio in Omaha, Nebraska.

Sense of smell is so powerful. It can transport you to another time and place in an instant. Creating an environment that fully expresses who you are must involve all of the five senses - and smell is essential to that. Our products have a modern, minimal look and feel that will fit in any space. 



We stand behind our products and our products embody our beliefs.

We believe product design should be thoughtful and intentional. We believe home + body products should look good, smell amazing, last a long time, and be healthy for those using them. We use the highest quality, most ethical suppliers we can source, and strive to use only all-natural, organic ingredients wherever possible. If there is a greener, safer, more natural option available, we use it. We choose Leaping Bunny, Certified BCorp and MADE IN THE USA whenever available, and are proud to be an Omaha-based, small-batch maker. We intentionally design our products to be reusable, repurposable, refillable or at the very least recyclable. We know many people are sensitive to ingredients, scents and additives. We are happy to answer specific questions, provide ingredient detail, or create custom products to ensure user safety. Contact us to discuss your unique needs. 










Want to smell for yourself? Need help choosing? Get to know our fragrances with a Rescue Kit for Indecisive Individuals (aka a Sampler Pack). 



WHITE OAK FOREST is the perfect modern flavor with universal appeal for all genders, White Oak Forest is infused with pure sage, lavandin and orange essential oils combined with lavender and a base of tonka bean and amber.

BLACKOUT is comprised of pure cardamom and clove essential oils combined with an undercurrent of plum, amber and vanilla for a sweet yet richly salty flavor.

LAVENDER + CREAM is infused with pure essential oils and features notes of lavender and vanilla for a rich, clean, comforting scent.

GIN BLOSSOM is a soft, scent with floral notes of cotton blossom and violet and a clean, bright finish with hints of cedar + lemon essential oil. 

WHITE SANDS has citrusy top notes with herbal and floral midtones. With a base of sandalwood and patchouli essential oils to provide an earthy balance to the lighter top notes, it’s reminiscent of white sand beaches.

CITRON + LAVENDER is a fresh sunny flavor infused with pure essential oils of lemon, eucalyptus and violet and features notes of lavender and tonka bean for a soothing scent.


ESCONDIDO is a succulent fragrance, with agave, orange and fir essential oils and a base of musk and sandalwood, evokes the verdant & laid back earthy nature of Puerto Escondido, a coastal gem full of waves, dolphins, & sea turtles. 

OAXACA GOLD is a zippy, fresh citrus blend of grapefruit and tangerine essential oils with a surprising hint of ginger. Aromatic, bright, and zesty, with a vanilla and wood base.

ACAPULCO is bright and peppery on the top and dark and sexy underneath. Spicy top notes of ginger, peppercorn blend with middle notes of tobacco leaf and aged teakwood. A great gender-neutral scent.

CHILANGO is a delicate balance of mandarin, blood orange, citrus zest, chili pepper and a woody base which gives is a tart and spicy freshness that is completely unique. It’s warm, luscious and zesty at the same time.

GUAYABA MINT - A bright, happy scent, the fruity fusion of guava and strawberry top notes blend with passionfruit and mango for a sweet, fruity blast. Fresh green mint and sugar base notes lend a crisp finish.


RUGGED TERRAIN (SPECIAL EDITION) - This special edition candle scent is clean, woodsy and rugged with a cozy base. 5% of all revenue from sales of this candle scent are donated to the National Park Foundation to protect and preserve our wild and free lands.
HEIRLOOM PUMPKIN + GINGER is a chic, spicy pumpkin scent that isn't overly sweet, but instantly transports you to crisp fall days and cool, cozy nights. Notes of zesty clove and ginger provide a fresh counterbalance to the creamy pumpkin.
TWO SMOKES is a rich, warm, nuanced scent for fall, with sweet tobacco, smoke and cedar and hint of bold whiskey around the edges. An evocative unisex scent you may want to burn year round.
TREELINE is a complex, woody and fresh with a sophisticated base of smoke, patchouli and sandalwood. Fir needle, cedarwood, patchouli, and cedar leaf essential oils are the heart of this outdoorsy scent.
*DISCONTINUED* RED ROCKS is soft and sweet with top notes of amaretto balanced with the distinctive flavor of tonka bean, oud and musk and is rounded out with a woody cedar base to keep it from being overly cloying.
**NEW!** CHEYENNE CLOVE is a spicy, warm + comforting scent. Notes of clove, cinnamon bark and tobacco blend with a base of sandalwood, amber and patchouli to round out this beautifully complex fragrance, perfect for cool fall days and crisp winter nights.
ASPEN HARD CIDER is tart, tangy apple with a touch of saffron and lemongrass and a base of currant, anise and absinthe to give it a little edge.
SNOWMASS has minty and bright top notes over a pine and fir base call to mind the first fresh snowfall in the forests of the Rockies.


SHOO (CITRONELLA BUG-AWAY) is infused with the oil of the citronella plant, our patio candles combine citronella with other natural herbal essential oils for a pleasing + effective scent for your bug-free relaxation outdoors.
BLUE SAGE + HONEY has earthy sage, lavender and chamomile combined with sweet honey, almond, and tart lime nuances for a delicate herbal apothecary scent.
STRAWBERRY LEMONADE is a tangy, crisp refresher on a hot summer afternoon, strawberry lemonade is the essence of sunny summer days. Sour lemon mixes with sweet strawberry and citrus for a lighter scent that’s not too sweet and not too sour.
PRAIRIE WILDFLOWER uses bergamot and lemon leaf mixed with top notes of fresh cut grass, garden herbs and wildflowers to transport you to flowering fields swaying in a gentle breeze under the summer sun.
ROSEMARY SEA SALT is a fresh, beachy scent that reminds you of weekends and vacations by the lake or shore. Mood-boosting rosemary is balanced with a touch of sea salt and light florals. This scent is infused with natural essential oils including cedarwood, eucalyptus, patchouli, and thyme.
BRAMBLEBERRY has tart berries combined with a warm and woodsy undertone that feels like eating fresh-picked blackberries and raspberries in the dappled late afternoon sun.


CLEANSE: BASIL + MINT is a clean, bright, refreshing scent with energizing garden mint combined with earthy basil and a hint of woody base. Top notes of spearmint, cormint and eucalyptus essential oils overlay herbal sage and basil with a touch of cedarleaf and musk at the base.

INSPIRE: LEMONGRASS + PALO SANTO  (CITRUSWOOD) is lemony fresh with a deep base of smoky palo santo wood. Zen sweet lemongrass and orange blossom top notes mix with a middle of jasmine, cypress and sage. A base of palo santo and cedarwoopd give a masculine undertone.

CREATE: ROSEMARY + BLOOD ORANGE is a soothing, citrusy, herbal scent with notes of blood orange, bergamot, grapefruit, cedarwood and rosemary. This candle includes natural essential oils of sweet orange, bergamot, rosemary, neroli, fir needle, and cedar. Evocative of gourmet recipes lovingly crafted on a honed marble kitchen island, it's an exciting scent to draw forth creativity!

RESTORE: PATCHOULI + SANDALWOOD is an comforting scent with top notes of ginger, patchouli and clove. Amyris, amber, sandalwood essential oils form a complex base to restore your zen state of mind. 


SANTAL is a soft, sultry sandalwood scent with essential oils of violet, sandalwood, cedarwood, cypress, patchouli, vetiver, clove, sage, and lemon. This earthy unisex scent layers well or is content to stand alone, setting the tone for quiet intimate gatherings.

FLEUR is a light, fresh flowery scent featuring essential oils of jasmine, lily and mandarin with a base of musk and vetiver to keep it grounded. Like walking hand-in-hand through a moonlit summer garden at midnight, the intoxicating floral is the raw essence of living.

VERDURE is a deep, green, leafy scent with notes of cedar, pine and just a hint of fig leaf. This candle is includes natural essential oils of  galbanum, fir needle, cedarwood, eucalyptus, orange, patchouli, and cedar leaf. Evocative of leafy canopies above and mossy paths underfoot, it brings the outside in, any time of year.


BONDI is an exceptionally clean, crisp scent that feels like a surfside shower and sit by the bonfire, after a day in the Ozzie sun. Scent Profile: Eucalyptus / Cyprus / Palo Santo

KAPALUA  is a softer, sweeter beach scent, hinting of coconut drinks and suntan lotion and long, slow days with ukelele soundtracks. Fresh seafood meals on a shaded lanai and all the outdoor activities you could ever dream of...it's no surprise why people vacation in Hawaii and never come back...sigh. Scent Profile: Fig / Coconut / Sugar

LA JOLLA is a bright, sunny scent that feels like walking the La Jolla Coast Walk Trail, with the salty breeze in your face and the waves crashing below. Scent Profile: Mandarin / Black Pepper / Amber

SOUTH BEACH is a crisp masculine scent, like a tall, cool, handsome - ahem - drink of water on a South Beach nightclub dance floor. Its citrusy top blends with an aromatic woody base for the ultimate Hott Guy Vibezz of beachy candles. Scent Profile: Ozone / Citrus / Cedar

ST. TROPEZ is a soft, sophisticated beach scent, just like its namesake on the French Riviera. Chic florals mingle with sandalwood for that je ne se quois that makes the South of France so compelling. If you like a lighter, more feminine scent with the slightest hint of spicy intrigue underneath, this evocative beachy feel is the one for you. Scent Profile: Violet / Rosewood / Sandalwood

NORTH SHORE is a fresh beach scent, like a clear sunshine-filled day on the eastern shore. Mandarin and lemon mingle with bergamot for a complex yet subtle spring and summer scent. Scent Profile: Mandarin / Lemon / Bergamot





While candles are our heart and soul, we offer other scented products, too. We know not everyone can (or should) have access to an open flame. We get it. We don’t want you to have to call the fire department (again), even if they are total babes. But you most definitely should still have access to enjoy the spectacular world of NOMAD scent experience!


Our candles are 100% soy wax. Because soy wax has a "memory" of each burn, it's SO iimportant to start your candle off right! Before each burn, trim your wick to ¼”. On the first burn, allow the wax melt pool to reach the edges of the jar. This usually takes about 2-3 hours, but may be longer for larger candles. Then extinguish your candle for at least 1 hour before burning again. This will help to prevent tunneling and give your candle a nice even burn. Never burn candles for more than 4 hours. Never leave a burning candle unattended or within reach of drafts, pets or small children. The candle jar or tin will be hot after burning, so allow wax to cool completely before handling. By following these steps your soy wax candle will give you a long, clean burn for hours! 

When your candle has about 1/2" of wax left, it's useful life has ended and it's time to repurpose that jar or tin. Just use a spoon to scoop out the remaining wax & wick, rinse with warm water and use an alcohol-soaked cottonball or cotton pad to clean out any leftover waxy residue. Then you can use your tin or jar for all kinds of other things! All jars & tins are lead-free and food safe. 

*Protip: the tins make great reusable containers for toddler & kiddo snacks on the go.

For the flameless #WAXLOVERS out there, we offer our wax melts, perfect for use in your favorite electric wax warmer. We are excited to now offer all of our signature scents in a Wax Melt form.

Love our scents but need a non-wax option? Then our Reed Diffuser is the answer to your funky-odor-busting prayers! Our refreshing diffuser scents are safe for use in settings where a flame isn’t practical (or allowed). The 4 oz travel-friendly size bottle works anywhere you go - at home, in retail or commercial environments, to freshen hotel rooms, and to knock out restroom odor funk. Oh and its also refillable so you can consider your waste footprint while indulging your scent joy!

We call it Room Spray, but really it’s Everywhere Spray. This refreshing scent spray is safe for use just about everywhere you can think of...on your body, in any room or on your linens (though we do suggest testing on an inconspicuous corner of fabric before using). This travel-friendly size works everywhere you go - at home, on sheets, in the linen closet, in sports bags, to freshen hotel rooms, in line at the DMV, and to bust up office or - ahem - restroom odors. Oh and its also refillable, too, so you can consider your waste footprint while spraying away!

Want scent that’s subtle yet lasts for hours? Our Roll-On scented oils are designed to use on-the-go, when you want a hit of scent on just-so spots. A mix of jojoba oil, hempseed oil and essential oils in a sleek matte-black steel roller ball tube.

Our most popular scents in a solid fragrance form, perfect to no-spill use on-the-go! Our solid perfumes are buttery soft, moisturizing, and richly scented with the added bonus of being spillproof. Perfect for traveling, you can select from either a roll-up tube or metal tin based on your application preference.

Our most popular scents in a portable, reusable air freshener for the car, sports bag or drawer. Choose from multiple designs on leather or vegan wood beads, each with a colorful tassel. When the scent fades, simply refresh by using our Everywhere Spray and never buy another throwaway air freshener again.

We’ve combined the soothing healing powers of epsom salt with Himalayan pink salt and Hawaiian black salt and worked in hempseed oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil and essential oils for a delicious treat that your skin and muscles will thank you for.

We use safe, all-natural olive-oil based Castile soap for a gentler clean, combined with our most-loved irreverent scents. Liquid Castile soap is a good choice for those who care about what they put in their home, on their body, and into the environment. Our Castile soap is made with pure olive oil and the process of turning the olive oil into soap gives it some unique characteristics that make for a fantastic, safe, natural cleanser:
- Biodegradable
- Surfactant-free
- Effective, gentle cleansing
- Natural disinfectant
- Naturally hydrating
- helpful for acne-prone skin
- Eases symptoms of eczema, psoriasis + other skin conditions
Safe for use on babies + pets
- Safe for cleaning many surfaces around your home