NOMAD Home Co. is a modern, design-led home + lifestyle
brand based in Omaha, Nebraska.


We craft environments + products to help you live well.

To us, living well is a state of mind; it’s living with passion, purpose, and joy to elevate everyday experiences. It’s creating a feeling of home, wherever you may find yourself. It's soulful, sustainable products that are safe to use. 




Lifestyle Products


Do you love candles and beautifully scented things? We do, too! Through our brand Nomad Wax Co., we craft a line of small-batch, hand-poured goodies that smell amazing + you are going to LOVE them. Our hand-poured home + body products are natural, vegan, phthalate-free, cruelty-free and lovingly made in small batches in our studio in Omaha, Nebrasaka. We make 100% soy candles and scented products that you can feel good about buying and burning, that will envelop your space in an exceptional fragrance experience.

We are wax lovers, making safe + natural candles for other wax lovers. We even have a Wax Lover members-only club. Interested? You can join! But, we do more than just wax. Shop all Nomad Wax Co. products >>



Design Services


Creating a beautiful, functional home can feel hard, but it doesn't have to. Furnishing a home or completing a remodeling or new build project is time-consuming, expensive and stressful. Whether shopping for home furnishings or designing a space, we guide our clients through the process with ease and confidence, to create an incredible space with less stress and more joy along the way. We help people with lots of style, but little time or know-how, to create a home that they feel at-home in. Contact us to learn more.



A note from our Founder


As most life stories go, mine is a journey. It is a journey built on purpose, strong coffee and passion. If I’m being honest, I have been an entrepreneurial nomad for 25 years. As my life wound its way from dorm to apartment to house...to cross-country move and back again, there was never a time that I wasn’t imagining, crafting and hustling some creative venture or another.
Design classes, projects, late nights in the garage painting, craft shows, an Etsy shop, online stores and lots of sales to family, friends, and friends of family and friends have carried me along the journey. Through it all I worked full-time as a marketing executive, had three kids, kept on designing and never lost my dream of someday having my own little just-so studio. I dreamed of a place with an experience that felt like home, filled with products that I could never find locally. I also dreamed of a place to bring to life the products that I could see in my mind’s eye, but couldn’t find for sale anywhere, no matter how many hours I spent sourcing.
So, with NOMAD Home Co. and NOMAD Wax Co.I have finally taken the next step in this winding journey. I have that just-so little studio and have brought my obsession for amazing scent and safe + healthy products to life. I hope you’ll be inspired by the things you find here to continue your own journey to make a home that you feel at-home in and elevate your everyday experiences. 🖤