XL Bulk Wash Ya Hands Sanitizer + Liquid Castile Soap Set


This set includes one XL bulk size 16 oz bottle of Wash Ya Hands sanitizer PLUS one XL size 16 oz liquid castile hand soap. Choose your favorite scent of our hand soap to pair with our clean, fresh hand sanitizer scent.

Following FDA, CDC and WHO guidelines, our hand sanitizer meets current recommendations for the Covid-19 crisis. This product is 72% alcohol and based on the WHO approved guidelines for efficacy, however this product is not lab tested or certified. Does not contain methanol. Washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is the most effective method to kill viruses and bacteria.

Product Details

Our Wash Ya Hands Sanitizer is suitable for any place you want to minimize germs.  The large bottle is perfect for home, work or classroom settings, or for refilling our smaller 2 oz travel bottle (hashtag pandemic). This refreshing light scent is safe for external use and will help keep your hands clean in between vigorous 20-second hand washings. Because you just never know where that person next to you, or heaven forbid those kids, has had their hands...better safe than sick!

Scent Profile:
Top: Eucalyptus, Mandarin, Lemon
Mid: Lavender
Base: Bergamot

The chic unisex black and white design is perfect for guys and gals. Our 16 oz hand sanitizer comes in a black reusable and recyclable plastic bottle with a black pump and a minimal black and white label. The bottle can be used to refill our 2 oz travel size hand sanitizer bottle eight times. Or, visit us in person to refill this bulk size bottle in our Omaha studio! 


Our scented Liquid Castile Soap is a vegan-friendly, vegetable based soap that contains no animal fats. Naturally kills bacteria without using nasty chemicals. Liquid Castile soap is free of harsh chemicals and surfactants, is low-lathering and more environmentally friendly than most store-bought detergents and soaps. It can even be diluted with distilled water and used as a home cleaning product for hard surfaces.


HAND SANITIZER: Contains a blend of body-safe natural essential oils, glycerin, vitamin E, hydrogen peroxide, witch hazel, distilled water and 72% grain alcohol. Does not contain methanol. Pthalate-free, lead-free, petroleum-free, vegan and never tested on animals. Exception: may be known to scare away public-space germ nasties. 

CASTILE SOAP: Surfactant free Organic Vegetable Oil origin liquid soap (Potassium Oleate Derived from Organic Sunflower Oil, Potassium Cocoate Derived from Organic Coconut Oil, Organic plant-based Glycerin, Potassium Citrate, Citric Acid), Distilled water, body-safe natrual essential oils. Pthalate-free, lead-free, petroleum-free, vegan and never tested on animals.

Soap Scent Descriptions

Our top-selling scent, BLACKOUT is infused with pure cardamom and clove essential oils combined with an undercurrent of plum, amber and vanilla for a sweet yet salty flavor. This one is a perfectly unisex scent and a favorite of girls + guys far and wide.

CITRON + LAVENDER is a fresh sunny flavor infused with pure essential oils of lemon, eucalyptus and violet and features notes of lavender and tonka bean for a soothing crisp scent.

GIN BLOSSOM is a rich, yet soft, scent with floral notes of cotton blossom and violet and a clean, bright finish with a touch of cedar + lemon essential oil.

LAVENDER + CREAM is infused with pure essential oils and features notes of lavender and vanilla for a rich, clean, comforting scent. This scent is made for relaxing, a perfect choice for when you want to unwind or as part of your bedtime ritual. Ideal for enhancing sleep for road warriors!

WHITE SANDS has citrusy top notes infused with herbal and floral midtones. With a base of sandalwood and patchouli essential oils to provide an earthy balance to the lighter top notes, this one takes you to the white sand beaches of the caribbean every.single.time.

The perfect modern flavor with universal appeal for all genders, WHITE OAK FOREST is infused with pure sage, lavandin and orange essential oils combined with lavender and a base of tonka bean and amber. Known to inspire thru-hikes on the Appalachian Trail, don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Sizing Information

XLARGE (16 oz): Bulk or refill size, great for shower, kitchen or multipurpose cleaning, or as a refill for our 8 oz size. 7" tall x 3" wide

Use + Care Info

To get the best results and longest life from your soap, we recommend the following:

HAND SANITIZER USE + CARE: To use, apply 1-2 pumps of sanitizer to hands. Rub gently to palms and backs of hands and allow to absorb into skin. Always test a small amount of sanitizer on skin to ensure safety. Discontinue use immedialty if reaction occurs. Hand sanitizer contains alcohol. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of babies, small children and pets. For external use only. Do not ingest.

CASTILE SOAP USE + CARE: To use, wet hands, body or surface to be cleaned with warm, clean water. Apply 1-2 pumps of soap. Lather gently, rinse amd towel dry. Our soap is designed to be low-laterhing, so more soap does not equal more suds! You may dilute soap with fresh distilled water to thin and extend its life, or for use as a general hard surface cleaning product. Always test a small amount of soap on skin or surfaces to be cleaned to ensure safety. Discontinue use immedialty if reaction occurs.

Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of babies, small children and pets. For external use only. Do not ingest.

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