Shoo Citronella Patio Candle

A natural insect repellent, our SHOO Citronella soy patio candle will keep the mozzies, no-see-ums and other pesky buggers away so that you can enjoy your outdoor time in peace. May or may not also work to shoo away kids and inconvenient neighbors. Infused with the oil of the citronella plant, our patio candles combine citronella with other natural herbal essential oils for a pleasing + effective scent for your bug-free relaxation time in The Nature. Choose your label: GTFOH for those with an edge, or SHOO for those who prefer the radio edit. (And yes, the H stands for Helen.)

Note Profile
Top: Lemongrass, Peppermint
Mid: Citronella, Verbena
Base: Camphor, Eucalyptus

As if it could get any better than this, we assure you it can: our candles are 100% phthalate free, lead free, petroleum free and vegan. They are also guilt-free, for the record. They might even make you love your home, just a little bit more.  

Burn Time
Small Patio: 40+ hours
Large Patio: 70+ hours
8 oz Jar: 40+ hours
12 oz Jar: 70+ hours

NOMAD Wax Co. candles are made from the hardest-working midwestern-grown pure soy wax known to man. They burn cleaner and longer than other wax alternatives, because as everyone knows, Midwesterners are the hardest workers.

Carefully blended by satin-gloved hand and aluminum stirring rod to ensure that the scent is robust & consistent, our candles will fill your space with enveloping fragrance. For the ultimate candle experience, use our hand-cut matches to light yours. Packed in a reusable concrete vessels, the minimal modern design looks as great in your home as it smells, and will make you look like one of the hip, cool kids. Even if you’re not. (Trust us on this.) As an added bonus, because we KNOW this one is going to get used, you can bring the empty vessel back to us for a wax refill so that you can keep on shooing those buggers. Just drop us a note or visit one of our in-person events and we'll take it from there and get your bug fighter filled-up and back to you in 3 days.

Meticulously hand-poured in Omaha, Nebraska. Because, as everyone knows, Midwesterners are the hardest workers. Trust us on this. (wink)

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