Flavored Natural Lip Balm - 6 pack


If you are as addicted to this lip balm as we are, one is not enough. Save $5 when you buy a set of 6 of our natural lip balms. Our natural lip balm is made with free-range botanical oils, a hint of organic beeswax and organic flavor oils. Our formula is smooth + silky, glides on easily and lasts for hours. Your lips (and your lover) will thank you. Rumored to make you positively irresistible, stronger, and more dangerous, too.

Product Details

Poured in black 100% paperboard tubes that are refillable, biodegradable/compostable and recyclable, our lip balms are a perfect eco-friendly choice over petroleum-based plastic tubes. These lip balms are .30 oz in size, which is double the size of most plastic lip balm tubes, yet they'll still fit easily in your pocket (that's what she said). Our lip balms are even packaged in a food-safe, reusable cotton bag, ready for gifting. Meticulously hand-poured in small batches in our studio in Omaha, Nebraska.

Scent Descriptions

PEACH GREEN TEA is a juicy peach + calming green tea blend. Best for those who like a little flavor but not overwhelming frutiness. Excellent spa + natural beauty product line addition. (organic peach, organic green tea, organic ginger)

PLUM VANILLA is a rich and creamy with a touch of warm plum to keep it from being too sweet. (organic vanilla, organic plum)  *best seller 

HERBAL MINT is a clean, crisp mint without sweetness. Spearmint + fresh garden mint will wake up your lips! (organic peppermint, organic spearmint)  *best seller

COCONUT FIG is a sophisticated blend of nutty coconut and earthy fig. A little exotic without being overpowering; a reminder of sunny days without the burn. (organic coconut, organic fig)

BING CHERRY is a classic, deep cherry flavor with a hint of sugar. (organic black cherry, organic cherry)  *best seller

OG Original Unscented is our lip balm blend without any added flavor. Great for when you want the moisturizing goodness and nothing else.


Ingredient Info
  • INGREDIENTS : Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E + certified organic essential oil flavors (see scent descriptions for each listing). None of our natural lip balms have any added pigments.

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