Terrain Wax Melts

$4 $6

Not everyone can (or should) have access to an open flame. We get it. We don’t want you to have to call the fire department (again), even if they are total babes. But you most definitely should still have access to enjoy the spectacular world of NOMAD fragrance experience! For the flameless #WAXLOVERS out there, we offer our wax melts, perfect for use in your favorite electric wax warmer. We are excited to now offer all of our signature scents in a Wax Melt form.

Tucked into a recyclable clamshell case, you’ll get 2.75 ounces of creamy, melty, scented wax goodness. But remember **safety message** don’t poke your fingers into that melted wax dish...don't do it....doooooon't...

NOMAD WAX Co. wax melts are made from the hardest-working midwestern-grown pure soy wax known to man. They melt cleaner and last longer than other wax alternatives, because as everyone knows, Midwesterners are the hardest workers.

Carefully blended by satin-gloved hand and aluminum stirring rod to ensure that the scent is robust & consistent, our wax melts will fill your space with enveloping fragrance. Our wax is 100% Phthalate free, lead free, petroleum free and vegan. They are also guilt-free, for the record. May be known to ward off ill-tempers and knock out bad days.

Meticulously hand-poured in Omaha, Nebraska. Because, as everyone knows, Midwesterners are the hardest workers.

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